Born to break ground, Audria Richmond is the Marketing and Launch Strategist you find when you know it’s time to scale your business model, automate your marketing and multiply your money. A visionary whose name will be spoken alongside the most celebrated innovators of her time, Audria has an imagination and a pulse on innovation that keeps her paces ahead of every industry. With her incomparable formula of business strategy, unquenchable creativity and tech-savviness, Audria is a force that is impossible to reckon with. 


An entrepreneur at her core, her hunger for success has built several business ventures from photography to juicing. Each endeavor led Audria closer to the one piece of her profit puzzle that she was missing —marketing mastery. Once she found it, the world was never the same. 


Since 2014, her consulting company has earned over $700K in revenue without an expansive team, proving that profitability is always possible as long as a genius is behind the scenes. Now well known for her disruptive take on marketing, Audria has become sought after for her ability to strategically map and implement talked-about marketing campaigns that lead to explosive results.


With one of the most unmatched and intriguing brands ever seen, including her signature UnCloned Marketing Method™, Audria is always challenging every marketing rule ever written—and replacing them with her own. A breathing billboard for her trademark tagline, “Be the First to Do It First,” her body of work is a passionate manifesto to business owners everywhere to take the risks with their marketing that will lead to the rise in their profitability. Through her bestselling books, first-of-its-kind app, and consulting, Audria has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and companies to stake their claim in the market, moving from doing it like everybody else to completely UnCloned. 


She is disruptive. She is brilliant. She is Audria Richmond.